Newsletter Summer 2021

The first half of 2021 is behind us. Hardly anyone, in even the wildest scenarios, could have predicted a year ago that it would eventually become one of the best ever in terms of sales growth in the trade and industry sectors! Although COVID-19 is still a major player in the lives of all of us, and despite the uncertainty it has caused, the growth rates in the metal industry have also been excellent. I think we can already talk about economic overheating, which has led to a shortage of raw materials and components. The rise in raw material prices has been exceptionally rapid, whether for wood, fertilizers or metals. The results of the companies in our sector in the first half of the year are generally excellent, although concerns about accelerating inflation and the continuing rise in costs are causing uncertainty about the future outlook, despite the fact that order backlogs are at record levels. Good profitability and the outlook are also reflected in share prices, which are currently high.

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