Case Hardening

We have a case hardening line with two hardening furnaces. In case hardening, carbon is fed into the outer layer of the steel work pieces at high temperature. After case hardening the work pieces will be hardened in oil at a lower temperature. After the hardening, the work pieces are tempered. This will result in a wear-resistant piece that is hard on the outside and has a tough core. A component like this has a very good strength because of the squeeze tension on the surface.

Our case hardening line is up and running 24/7. The line consists of two case hardening furnaces, two pre-heating and tempering furnaces and one automatic washing machine. The batches are moved between the different stages with an automatic carriage wagon. The carriage also temporarily stores the batches in between the different stages.

We control the process constantly. Information on how the process proceeds is saved in the machine memory. If there are any deviations in the process, the automatic system will let the personnel know there is a problem in production. We also control the process by making checks with the help of sample pieces. We apply methods that are based on exact mathematical calculations to optimize the process and to minimize form changes.

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