Well-Being At Work

A well-motivated and competent staff is the company’s most important asset.

Jame-Shaft’s most important asset is a well-motivated staff. Therefore, we pay special attention to employee welfare and maintaining an excellent team spirit. The company ethos is to offer opportunities for the employees to develop their skills and we very much encourage them to educate themselves further. With this encouragement, they are able to perform the more versatile tasks that the work increasingly requires. This, in turn, will allow the employees to do a wider range of tasks and increases company flexibility. Some of the most important new techniques for the employees is applying Lean and 5S methodology at work as well as mastering the programming of the installed automated and robotic machines. Also, in depth training for the staff concerning the use of new automated and robotic machinery is provided by the relevant machine suppliers. image=”73085″

A safe and cosy working environment form the basis for effective productivity.

Today, companies are putting a greater focus on improving safety at work and this is also the case at Jame-Shaft. Until now, the longest period without any accidents at work has been over 700 days. This is due to a long-term development of the working environment, where safety always comes first. Also, automation plays an even more important role in production, so the work is less physical today than before.


One of the biggest investments in within the factory floor complex has been renewing the ventilation and lighting by using the latest technology. The aim was to make the working environment clear and bright, with an even consistent temperature without drafts. The investment has proven to be highly successful and we will definitely continue further improving the working environment in the future.image=”71837″

Good occupational health care ensures the best possible treatment and ‘working hours banking’ ensures flexible working for staff when needed.

We offer our employees the best possible occupational health care available, which together with an insurance, guarantees the fastest way to health care without queuing. Our insurance also covers accidents in their free time. We also use a so-called ‘working hours bank’, which allows the employee to take some time off if the personal situation requires. There is also a lunch restaurant in the same building and our staff can have a healthy meal there at a discount price.

The staff need to be genuinely happy

There is a strong connection between happy staff and the best possible working result. This shows in many research papers and, of course, in practice too. Jame-Shaft carries out regular Employee Satisfaction Surveys, the results of which have been excellent; actually, among the best in the industry. This positive feedback encourages our company to put more emphasis on employee welfare and to continue development in the future. To sustain the good team spirit in the company, we organize a yearly social programme for the staff, such as Christmas and Summer Parties.

We also offer our staff various opportunities to develop different hobbies and interests by offering vouchers to support exercise and culture. As part of this social programme, we have built a Beach Volleyball court in the factory backyard for the employees to use. In addition, there are season tickets available for the womens Finnish Volleyball Champion LP Viesti’s matches as well as for the mens Finnish Basketball Champion Vilpas Vikings’ matches.

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