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Jame-Shaft Oy is committed to protecting your personal data and privacy. The purpose of this statement is to explain how Jame-Shaft Oy and its authorised partners process personal data received through Jame-Shaft Oy’s websites and internet service, and other customer partner interactions.


Website visitors

We hope you enjoy your stay on our website and wish to inform you that:

When you vist our website, we collect and process information as described in our Jame-Shaft Website Privacy and Cookie Policy.

In brief, Jame-Shaft Website Privacy and Cookie Policy states what kind of data is collected and for what purpose, how cookies are used, what information is shared to others, where information is transferred and how long it is stored. Furthermore, it describes your rights regarding your personal data that we have collected.


We wish to inform that:

If you are our customer, we collect and process personal data as described in our Privacy Notice for Customer and Sales Register.

We collect customers’ personal data mainly to fulfill an agreement or to establish, manage and develop Jame-Shaft’s customer relationships, business functions and communications.


We wish to inform that:

If you are our supplier, we collect and process personal data as described in our Privacy Notice for Supplier Register

We process suppliers’ personal data mainly to facilitate Jame-Shaft’s sourcing, purchasing, invoice handling and contract management activities.

Changes to the privacy policy

We seek to develop the site continuously and Jame-Shaft privacy policies may be amended from time to time. If these amendments are significant, we will provide a more informative notice, when it is required by law. We welcome you back to our site and recommend that you revisit it on occasion to see the latest version. These policies were last updated in May 2018.

For possible additional questions and comments about Jame-Shaft as a data controller please contact:

Jame-Shaft Oy
Kalkkitie 2
24280 SALO

+358 2 738 2100

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