Our modern machinery ensures flexible manufacturing in small and middle range series. Typical batch sizes can vary from anywhere between just few pieces and several hundred pieces. The majority of our machines are equipped with robots or with other kind automatic loaders. This assures the effective use of machines as well as labour.

Our machinery consist of about 40 machining units which are all CNC-controlled. The layout of the factory has been made according to the most efficient production flow and the machines have been placed in groups so that one operator can use several machines simultaneously. Working places are built and equipped  according the 5S-method. On the top of that we have payed a special attention to the safety of working places. All our machines have a preventive maintenance program, which ensures consistent high quality and the effective usage of machines

We have a comprehensive range of CNC turning machines for different jobs. Most of them are equipped with loading and unloading robots or bar feeders which will enable the unmanned production. Three of the turning machines are so called “multi-turning machines’ which are used for manufacturing of very complex products.

We have both vertical and horizontal machining centers. As a specialty we have an equipment which enable the drilling of deep holes.

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